Brady’s vane 1.8″

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• Designed to be forgiving, accurate and durable for Brady Ellison
• Lightweight material produces more feet per second
• Available in White,Gold,Silver and Blue colour
• Length: 1.8″
• Weighs just 1 grain!
• Includes double-side adhesive and wrapping tape
• 60 vanes per pack

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Vane Type



L – 3,5'', M – 1.8''

3 mnenja za Brady’s vane 1.8″

  1. Michael

    Very pleased with the flight of the arrow. Exactly the same sight settings as the XSWings. I like the softness of the spider vanes and they also seen to hold up better when hit. They seem to group a little better with my setup. Nice vane and you get 60 in a package

  2. Malcolm Alexander

    Loved the vanes as soon as I took them out of the packet. Very easy to stick on but they are a bit on the big side and my groups are worse because they act like a sail in the wind. Do you have any plans to introduce a smaller one?

  3. Carlos Bolou

    I have used other spin vanes for some time and decided to give these a try and WOW. The fletching process was effortless with the pre cut adhesive tape and wrapping tape that sticks properly. Shot a Fita 70 with a PB score with exceptional groups. Due to a slightly larger size there were no clearance issues but a slight higher sight mark. Well done to all at spider vanes on these.

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